Our services, Marble and Stone Restoration

The majority of professional stonework nowadays is related to the restoration of scratched, damaged, stained and dull surfaces. Grease, dirt combined with high traffic and lack of suitable maintenance are detrimental factors that contribute to stone’s dramatic deterioration and its unexpected early aging. Simply Floor Care® Ltd undertakes many types of restoration and refinishing activities; deep resurfacing and leveling, fissure repair, stains and stun mark removal, polishing, crystallization and dedicated masonry work, using a wide variety of methods and techniques. We truly believe that every stone restoration problem has its own unique life history, thus consequently it deserves its own approach. Realising that, Simply Floor Care® Ltd. employs the most reliable equipment, diamonds and products available on the market today. This has lead us to achieve the best professional result and customers’ satisfaction. We undertake restorations for the following stone types: marble, granite, terrazzo, travertine, limestone, sandstone, slate, terra cotta.

Marble Protection

There is a common misconception that marble, granite and other natural stone are very hard minerals, which do not require surface protection and post-restoration care.This misconception has led many home owners, who have heavily invested in expensive stones unexpected and disappointing result It is crucial to remember that all-natural stone is porous and stains very easily. Granite has low porosity whereas, limestone has high porosity. Marble is right in between. The following test proves its permeability: Leave a wet rusty nail on a marble surface and you will find an ugly reddish spot on the stone after a period of time. This spot is the rust penetrating into the marble. If this is cleaned swiftly, there is a good chance of vanishing this spot up. However, if left uncleaned after a couple of weeks this mark might be impossible to remove completely. Stone changes colour by absorbing rust as it captivates virtually any liquid. Stone can be etched, stained, discoloured and corroded. Simply Floor Care® Ltd offers the right solution to protect your stone. We use highly penetrating oleo-phobic and hydrophobic impregnators (pdf. file), penetrating waxes and sealers. We can guarantee the use of high quality of our products and our high-class craftsmanship will give your marble surfaces long lasting protection.

Tile Installation

Simply Floor Care has proven to be a proud leader in this particular area, successfully completing hundreds of projects throughout London and all-around UK. Our skilled staff work on both new and remodeling projects and display the finest quality workmanship. We conduct stone installation for commercial sector; offices, retail stores, restaurants, showrooms and other business locations. Our projects also include residential jobs involving natural and man-made stone tile for kitchens, baths, foyers, sunrooms, and patios. In addition, we have completed numerous projects for high profile clients in the Central London area. Here, at Simply Floor Care we installs granite, marble, ceramic, porcelain and terra-cotta tiles. We work with decorative products like mosaic, listellos, glass and murals. For moisture sensitive areas we install polyethylene waterproof membranes.

Marble and Stone maintenance

Today, more and more “decorative” marbles are being used for their beauty, ignoring the important use of their strength. These marbles are generally very prone to abrasion, vertical compactions, scratching and staining. The key cause of polished stone floors developing dull appearances are due to heavy foot traffic. The “grind” in dust, sand, and other fine, gritty substances abrades the finish. Although, you might think the scratching looks very fine and unnoticeable. However, it eventually covers the whole area dramatically, that light will no longer reflect off the surface.

Therefore, maintenance is a key factor guaranteeing the post-installation or post-restoration of its healthy appearance and longevity. Set up a Professional Maintenance Program with Simply Floor Care ® Ltd to implement a cycle of periodic low-cost restoration procedures.

Our process involves several steps

First step is diamond grinding to remove all the damage from your stone floor. The type and sequence of diamonds we use depends on the variety of stone. Once all of the damage to your stone floor is removed, our skilled technicians polish, buff, and seal the stone for an astonishing, durable finish. In most cases, our technicians use wet diamond honing to ensure that there is nodust flying around. For extra caution we mask, seal off, and protect all surrounding environment including carpeting, woodwork, and other areas not being treated. While your stone floor is being restored, the rest of your environment remains spotlessclean.